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Welcome to A Peace of Serenity 

 Bath Bombs, Soaps, Bath Salts ,Sugar Scrubs, and Lip Balms. These natural products will soothe and promote a sense of comfort and relaxation as you drift into A Peace of Serenity 


All products are natural and homemade based, safe to use on your skin.  Food based ingredients such as salt, sugar and varieties of oils.

 Fresh, clean and healthy products that are useful beneficial to everyone.  Now I would love for you to spoil yourself in these novelties for  Your Own Peace of Serenity.

Live With Comfort And Pure Happiness

         Sugar Scrubs  $3 to $15 a jar

    Vanilla Cocoa, Jasmine Passion Frankincense and Myrrh 

Beach Ocean,  Peary Canary 

Handmade with all-natural herbal and organic ingredients that are  gentle and soothing to your skin.

Just add 1 Tbs. of this infused scrub and apply to your rough areas, it  will refresh  you with a sense  of serenity.

Bath Bombs $1 to $4 each

Lavender Breeze, Honey Oats Vanilla,

Fresh Watermelon, Orange-siècle Lemon Pop

Place a revitalizing Bath Bomb in your hot bath. As you enjoy the fragrance savor the fizziness that will tingle your body and take you to a place of place of serenity. 

Soaps  $8 each 6 oz. bar

Sweet Turmeric Orange, Lavender Lemon,

Coconut Gardenia, Vanilla Honey Oats

Black Jojoba, Cucumber Melon, Sunflower Oranges

For a fresh clean feel of softness of various senses that will keep your body and soul at peace.  Natural  herbs ingredients organic oils to a fresh clean experience. Enjoy your serenity.

Lip Glosses $3 each

flavors are

Vanilla Bella, Pineapple Showers,

Watermelon Delight , Cherie Baby, Cinnamon Toast, Peacement and Applesauce 

 Feel the softness of various flavors that will keep your lips moist, sexy, and irresistible with fresh scents, oils, and pure goodness.

BubblesTruffles  $4 each

Rainbow of Colors  

Bubbles Truffles are handmade using all natural herbal  ingredient. It is soothing to the skin.  Use in a hot bath. Lather is beautiful.

Bath Salts $4 to $15 a jar

Lavender Lemon,  Pink Strawberry

Pink Passion, Raspberry Gold


Citrus Squeeze  

Bath Salts are handmade of all natural herbal ingredients.  It is soothing to the skin.  Just add 2TBS. to a hot bath.   Scent of Essential Oils, Deep Sea salt and Himalayan salt.

      Individual Samples are $2, Gift Sets are from $4 to $60

purchase items go to

Bubbles Bars $4 each

Freedom, Cucumber Melon, Pears Lilacs, Midnight Sea

Bubbles Bars they are like ice cream in your tub. All handmade of all natural herbal  ingredients.  It gives a sensual feel to the skin. into. Melt your worries away in a serene, hot bath.

Body Butter $6 for a 2.5oz. or $8 for a 6oz.Vanilla Honey Cream, Cucumber Melon,  Asian Pear Lilac , Bora Bora, Beautiful Day, Jasmine, Bird of Paradise  

Body Butter ingredients are natural Coconut butter, Shea butte​r, Almond oil and Coconut oil. Enjoy your serenity skin .

Vintage Collection Mustache and Beard 

 $6 to $15 each  Chocolate Amber

Tea tree Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood Bergamot

Conditioning collection  all ingredients are natural. Rice bran oil, Shea butter, grapeseed oil, Coconut oil and beeswax.  Enjoy your serenity skin .

 ​Serene Soap Tray’s  $25 each 

Handcrafted soap tray’s  makes a beautiful accessory to your bathroom, powder room, or whatever you may want to use it for. Enjoy your peace of serenity.

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